A video poem focused on methods of transportation, specifically trains.

Video and Photography Shot by: Joss Green

Poem Written by: Joss Green

An exploration of a Muhammad Ali quote that went on to win the MainStage Collaboration Project and be presented at USITT

Videos Appropriated from: Youtube

Shot Videos by: Joss Green

Composition by: William Lowe

Arranged by: Dylan T. Jackson

Special Thanks to: Hannah Kerman, Dylan T. Jackson, Jasmine Lesane, Briana Green, Ramsey Pack, Josh Wyatt and Amara Pedroso 

A video Self portrait focused on lens.

Shot by: Joss Green

Edited by: Joss Green

Music by: Joss Green

A music video compiled of found footage that seeks to probe the sexualization of the Blk female body and imagine a future where Blk womxn and femmes are in charge of their own narritive

Videos and Music Appropriated from: Youtube

Edited by: Joss Green

An exploration of the daytime versus the nighttime in Ferguson, MO in the days following Michael Brown's murder by Darren Wilson, a cop

Videos and Audio appropriated from: Youtube

Edited by: Joss Green

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